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s*The TriboS group Strathclyde is very pleased to be involved in two major grants in Tribology of Renewable Energy Devices. The launch of SPIRE 2 (6.7 m euros) was in Belfast on October 27th 2017. TriboS will be working with the CDT in Wind Energy with SPIRE 2 colleagues in University of Ulster, Queens University and Dundalk Institute of Technology as part of this collaboration which on the Glasgow side involves 5 PhDs and 1 PDRA researchers. The TriboS group is also collaborating in the EPSRC CAMREG (£2.1 m) project with Edinburgh and Cranfield Universities on materials for energy with a specific focus on tidal and wind turbine Tribology and Corrosion. The

**A very succesful conference was held in Leeds University, TriboUK 2016, 14-15th of April, with highlights of the leading edge research carried out in the field of Tribology and Tribo-Corrosion in the UK. This is the annual conference organized and run by young researchers in UK Tribology and they did a wonderful job this year, with very interesting talks and lively discussions. Professors Roger Lewis, Sheffield, Daniele Dini, Imperial College and Margaret Stack gave the keynote talks at the meeting. The conference photo of delegates is below together with a group picture of Professor Duncan Dowson, Leeds, with keynote speakers. It was a great honour to have Professor Dowson present and he presented the student awards at the conference.





*Network members were present at an exciting meeting on Tribo-Corrosion in South Africa; the1st International Workshop on Tribo-Corrosion Techniques was held at the University of Johannesburg in January 2016. Here, further new members of the Tribo-Corrosion Network, to join South Africa, in the Southern African region, were announced by Professor Peter Olubambi, University of Johannesburg, following the conference dinner. South Africa now has one of the most vibrant research groupings in the network, with 5 Universities now involved over the country. The African Tribo-Corrosion network, includes Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana as well as South Africa. Further contact details of our new members are given here on our membership map. A report on the Jo'burg conference will follow shortly. st


Group photo at Group photo of Johannesburg meeting, 11-15th January 2016, 1st International Workshop on Tribo-Corrosion Techniques hhosted by University of

*The first five issues of Journal of Bio-and Tribo-Corrosion have been published starting with March 2015, making history for our subject! A call for papers has been issued for the next two issues in 2016.he first

*Network members were present at ICAP, Cambridge in September where a very enjoyable meeting was held on abrasion and erosion of materials. A video of conference events has been produced by PhD student Rafee Ahmed, with music provided by the Cambridge Street Pianos.

s*The Network is pleased to be part of a major EPSRC initiative in Tribology and Tribo-Corrosion of Materials for Tidal Energy. The ReC-ASM consortium involves 3 Universities and 5 research groups with links to international partners in Canada, Korea and Singapore.ofessor Margaret

*Professor Margaret Stack gave a keynote lecture on July 29 at Africorr 2014, which was held in Pretoria from 26-30 of July. At the conference, the African Journal of Corrroson was launched by Professor Peter Olubambi and this marks the the first Corrosion journal to be published by the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa. Subsequently, Professor Stack delivered one of two Engineering Faculty lectures in Tshwane University of Technology and following this event, a celebratory meal was held to highlight another milestone, the launch of the new African Chapter of the Tribo-Corrosion network, an event which included over 40 attendees. The initial membership includes representatives from Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and South Africa and will look to network all Tribo-Corrosion research activities on the African continent. Pictured below are host Professor Olubambi, Tshwane University of Technology with members his Tribo-Corrosion research group following network discussions with Professor Stack during her visit.

Group Picture- Africa





*The inaugural editorial board meeting (group photo above) of Journal of Bio- and Tribo-Corrosion took place in the Stewart room in the newly refurbished Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Strathclyde, on April 10th during Tribo-Corrosion 2014.

Group photo of

*Group photo of Tribo-Corrosion 2014 in Glasgow April 10th. The meeting hosted 61 delegates from 20 countries in an action packed few days in Glasgow- see photo montage of events during the conference. Further reports due soon! A conference movie of key events is provided by PhD student Rafee Ahmed. This


*We are very pleased to announce the new Journal of Bio- and Tribo-Corrosion edited by Profs. Margaret Stack, Mathew Mathew and Yu Tian, which will be published by Springer! The journal will be the first to pubish papers exclusively in this rapidly growing area, covering all aspects of tribo-corrosion, ranging from biological environments to green energy techologies to bio-degradable metals and composites. A broad range of subjects will be covered such as corrosion, tribo-corrosion of coatings, metallic materials, and thin films, sliding wear-corrosion, fretting corrosion, micro-abrasion-corrosion,erosion-corrosion, tribo-corrosion models, bio-tribo-corrosion, surface engineering and materials, nano-corrosion, surface modifications (nanotube and texturing) for improved tribo-corrosion resistance, and to promote bio-compatibility and cell viability. The journal was launched at Tribo-Corrosion 2014 eo

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*Over 60 delegates from 20 countries, see map above, attended Tribo-Corrosion 2014.

*Tribo-Corrosion 2014 will be held on April 9-11 2014 in Glasgow. We hope to welcome you to Glasgow to what should prove to be an exciting meeting in the Tribology and Corroson conference series. The Provisional Programme is now on-line. The Conference Brochure is also on-line which gives full details of programme, events and accommodation. An on-line map is available of events...An on-line maoThe conference brochure is now on-line which gives full details of programme, events and accommodation. The The fiAll are

*A very interesting and stimulating meeting was held in Atlanta on April 19-20 2012. Georgia Tech hosted the meeting which was held in the first time in the US and which included paralell sessions on bio-tribo-corrosion and tribo-corrosion in energy conversion including the nuclear, oil and gas and renewable technologies. The chair of this meeting was Peter Blau, Oak Ridge laboratory, and the local organizer was Rick Cowen, Georgia Tech. Papers from the meeting will be published shortly by ASTM and Tribology International. Papers

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**Tribo-Corrosion 2012, the 3rd International Conference on Tribo-Corrosion, will move to the US, Atlanta, Georgia, in 2012. It will be held in Georgia Institute of Technology, and the c

*The latest impact factors and half life data provided by ISI (June 2011) for Tribology/Corrosion journals have been compiled by the network.

*Tribo-Corrosion 2012, the 3rd International conference on Tribo-Corrosion will move to the US, Atlanta, Georgia, 19-20 April 2012. It will be held in Georgia Institute of Technology and the conference chair will be Peter Blau, Oak Ridge Laboratory. The meeting will be supported by the ASTM G02 committee on Erosion and Wear and Wear of Materials, Inc. The date for submission of abstracts for oral presentations is now 31st of October 2011; for posters it is 31 January 2012. This meeting will precede ICMCTF, San Diego (23-27 April 2012) which will include a session on bio-tribo-corrosion of thin films.

bo-Corrosion 2012, the 3rd e.

or the conference.


Corrosion 2012, the 3rd International Conference on Tribo-Corrosion, will move to the US, Atlanta, Georgia, in 2012. It will be held in Georgia Institute of Technology, and the conference chair will be nference.

*Professor Wang Long Li, from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, recently visited the Tribology group Strathclyde on a visit supported by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the National Science Council Taiwan. This group is working on tribo-corrosion of dental materials and involves the input of three Universities in Taiwan. TRTri

*The latest impact factors and half life data provided by ISI (June 2010) for Tribology/Corrosion journals have been compiled by the network.

* The Second International Conference on Tribo-Corrosion, TriboCorrosion' 09, was held in Wiener Neusdat Austria, from 17-18 March 2009. This follows the very succesful Tribo-Corrosion 2006 meeting in December 2006 Hyderabad and the EFC workshops on Tribo-Corrosion which have been running annually at Eurocorr since 2004. The proceedings have been published as a special issue of Tribology International in July 2010.







*A very lively and exciting meeting on biotribocorrosion was held at Eurcorr 2007 in Freiburg, Germany, in September 2007. A report on this meeting will shortly follow.

*The latest impact factors and half life data provided by ISI (June 2007) for Tribology/Corrosion journals have been compiled by the network.




m*Postcards from India...Network members were present at Tribo-Corrosion 2006 4-5 December in Hyderabad, India, hosted by NFTDC, Hyderabad. This was the first stand alone International Meeting on Tribo-Corrosion and was a spectacular success with invited speakers from all corners of the world. As well as providing an exciting series of presentations, the conference hosts had a wonderful social programme planned for the guests. Thanks to Drs Balasubramanian and Manish Roy, convenor and co-convenor of the conference respectively, for providing such a memorable meeting and such a warm welcome for the overseas visitors. The Proceedings of the meeting will be published by Tribology International in 2007.



*Members of the network were present at the first China/UK meeting of Tribology held in Bejing in October 2006, which was hosted by Tsinghua University in Bejing to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the "birth" of Tribology. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet up with colleagues and old friends from China in addition to seeing the direction of new and emerging research areas in Tribology in the country. After the conference, members of the UK party enjoyed a sightseeing trip which included the Great Wall of China and the Ming tombs. A very enjoyable time was had by all attendees.

*The latest impact factors and half life data provided by ISI (June 2006) for Tribology/Corrosion journals have been compiled by the network.

* A two day International Meeting on Tribo-Corrosion will be held in Hyderabad, India on 4-5 December 2006. The convenor of the meeting is Dr Manish Roy, DMRL, Hyderabad, India. .

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* Members of the group were recently present at the 25th anniversary meeting of the Tribology group of the Institute of Physics held in London on February 1st 2006. A very enjoyable day was had by all attendees pictured above. Papers from this meeting will be published as a special issue of Journal of Physics D.

* The 207th meeting of the Electrochemical Society in May in Quebec held a session on tribo-corrosion entitled "Chemical, Mechanical Effects on CMP, Tribo-corrosion and Bio-Tribo-Corrosion" between May 15 and 20th 2005. The organizers were Professors Jean-Pierre Celis of KUL, Leuven, Belgium and David J Duquette of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, US. This is the first time that the Electrochemical Society meetings series will have had an entire session dedicated to tribo-corrosion.



* The ASTM G02 committe on erosion and wear ran a meeting entitled "Erosion of Coatings: Developments in Testing and Modelling" on April 29th 2005 in San Diego, US, at the Sheraton Hotel, see above photo courtesy of Peter Blau. This meeting linked two major events on the International Tribology calendar in 2005 both held in San Diego, the 15th International Conference on Wear of Materials, WOM 2005, which finished on April 28th and the Tribology Symposium of the International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films, ICMCTF, -see above photo of entertainment in the old town San Diego- which commenced on May 2nd. A full report of this entertaining and enjoyable day will follow shortly.

*Research students at Strathclyde have produced a newsletter Tribologia detailing their research and conference activities for 2004.

*Members of the network were involved in the organization of one of the most interesting and informative one day meetings, Tribology in Sport, that the Tribology group of the Institute of Physics has run in recent years. The meeting was held on September 22nd 2004 in London. There was a variety of presentations ranging from curling and skiing, to cycling and the bio-mechanics of running. A report of this meeting was published in Interactions, October 2004, a publication of the Physics community in the UK. The "Physics in Action" section of the November issue of Physics World also includes a short overview of highlights from the meeting. The November issue of Physics World also featured some colourful pictures of worn horsehoes - the subject of Stefano Mischler's talk-in the contents page under the heading "there's the rub-tribology in sport"!!! MunAnMantMany tahnk J



* A two day workshop on tribo-corrosion was held at Eurcorr 2004, 12-16 September, 2004, Nice, France. The chair of this working party is Professor Jean-Pierre Celis of KUL, Leuven, Belgium (above). This was the first session on tribo-corrosion at Eurocorr and kickstarted the activities of the new European Federation of Corrosion working party on tribo-corrosion. The tribo-corrosion meeting consisted of one day of keynote talks followed by poster presentations on the second day, with the themes being divided into two areas "tribo-corrosion in industrial systems" and "tribo-corrosion in living systems". The meeting was characterized by a lively and friendly atmosphere with papers on a variety of topics from fretting -corrosion of dental implant materials to sliding wear of artificial hip joints. A meeting of the COST action on tribology of bio-materials also took place after the first evening session. The highlight of the conference was the banquet at a restaurant on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. The papers from the meeting will be published as a special issue of Wear in 2005.


* The Tony Ball memorial session was held at the 8th South African International Conference on Tribology , Pretoria, South Africa, March 24th-27th 2004. This sesssion, which included many of Tony's former colleagues and students, commerated his contributions to research in the field of particulate erosion and abrasion. Tony was one of the founder members of the Tribo-Corrosion network and was noted for his fun and joie de vivre as well as his mentorship of younger members in the field. Speakers at the conference in Pretoria in March are pictured above, along with the conference chairman Professor Philip de Vaal of the University of Pretoria (far right) and Dr Kashif Marcus (centre) who leads the tribology research group at the University of Cape Town. The papers from the Tony Ball memorial symposium will be published as a special issue of Tribology International in August 2005.

*Our meeting held on March 11th 2004, in London, was organized jointly with the Tribology Group of the Institute of Physics. The title of the meeting was "Mapping Tribo-Corrosion: From Wear Maps to Pourbaix Diagrams". This was a stimulating meeting on the latest research developments in mapping tribological processes.

*Science Search has been assessing the hit rates for websites in the Tribology field. It recorded over 7000 hits for the tribo-corrosion network website between 2001 and 2003.

*Micro-abrasion is currently a "hot topic" in tribology and a recent meeting was held in this subject area to reflect the increasing interest in the subject and the potential interactions between micro-abrasion processes and corrosion. This meeting on Micro-Abrasion-Corrosion was held on November 21st 2003 at NPL, Teddington, Middlesex and attracted a great deal of interest, particularly from the healthcare community where micro-abrasion of artificial implants is an important issue. It was run jointly with the UK Forum on Friction and Wear testing and was organized by Andrew Gant .

* Tribology International, edited by Brian Briscoe, Imperial College has published a number of papers associated with network meetings to date. The special issue on erosion published in October 2002, includes papers from the first two meetings, held in London and Vancouver (Tribology International, 35, 10, 2002). The journal will also be publishing the papers presented at the Tony Ball memorial symposium at the 8th International Conference on Tribology, Pretoria, March 2004. This special issue is scheduled for publication in 2005.

*Wear has published two special issues in the first six months of 2004 based on UK meetings of the network on tribo-corrosion and wear modelling .

*J. Phys. D: Applied Physics will be publishing a paper cluster on tribology of bio-materials in 2005. This will be guest edited by Stefano Mischler of EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland and Alfons Fisher of University of Essen. J. Phys. D: has published papers by Jim Greenwood and Ken Johnson of Cambridge on contact mechanics and adhesion in recent issues. Various reviews on current "hot topics" in tribology and tribo-corrosion are also scheduled for 2005 in the journal. Among the forthcoming papers in J. Phys. D for 2005 are a review of nanoindenation of coatings by Steve Bull and Trevor Page of University of Newcastle and a review of ice mechanics by Jane Blackford of the University of Edinburgh. A review of DLC Tribology by Ali Erdemir of Argonne National Laboratory, US and Christophe Donnet of Jean Monnet University, France is also scheduled for 2005


* Network members were involved in the tribology symposium at ICMCTF 2005 in San Diego in April this year. A variety of papers were presented in the various tribology sessions.

*A very stimulating session on modelling and mechanistic aspects of tribo-corrosion was held at the 204th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society in Orlando, US, 15-19 October, 2003, to honour the contributions of Professor Dieter Landolt of EPFL, Switzerland to the field. Papers were presented by a variety of speakers including Jean Marie Georges of Lyon, France. Network members involved in this session include Stefano Mischler and Margaret Stack..

*A very succesful meeting of the TCN was held in Washington DC, US, on April 4th, 2003. The topic was Tribo-Corrosion of Bio-Materials. Presentations were given by delegates from Universities of Rhode Island and Maryland, US, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland and Universities of Sheffield, Leeds, Southampton and Strathclyde, UK. Discussions took place on the latest research on tribo-corrosion mechanisms of bio-materials. The meeting followed the 14th International conference on Wear of Materials (WOM03). Network members attending this meeting included Robert Wood, Stefano Mischler, Mathew Mathew and Margaret Stack.

*The EFC working party (working party 18) on tribo-corrosion was formally approved by the European Federation of Corrosion at the International Congress on Corrosion, Granada, Spain, in September 2002. The chairman and secretary are Jean Pierre Celis, Belgium and Pierre Ponthiaux, France. The TCN is also represented on this working party by Margaret Stack.

*The TCN Spring meeting for 2002 was held in Southampton on April 17-see attached photos

* A very enjoyable meeting was had by all when the TCN joined forces with the Tribology committee of CEFRACOR in Paris on June 21 2002. There was a large attendance from France, Belgium and Switzerland at this bi-lingual meeting. The plans for the EFC working party on tribo-corrosion were discussed during the day.


*The TCN workshop on "Life Prediction in Tribo-Corrosion Processes:From Macro to Nano Scale" was hosted by Margaret Stack in Glasgow from 8-10 September 2002. Presentations were given by delegates from the UK, Switzerland, France and Belgium. The event was characterized by lively discussions on some of the new developments in predictive modelling and mapping in this area. The highlights of the meeting were the conference dinner, held in the Corinthian, Glasgow, and a visit to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery on September 9th. The workshop prize for contribution to the debate was awarded to Peter Dearnley-as shown above!!



Phys D

* The TCN organized a succesful one day meeting at NRC Vancouver after Wear of Materials 2001, on April 27th. The attendence included delegates from Canada, US, Australia, and South Africa. Speakers were Hector Clark, Hungary, Howard Hawthorne, NRC, Vancouver, Jiang Jiaren, NRC, London, Ontario, Scott Wilson, Switzerland and Margaret Stack, UK. After the meeting, Howard Hawthorne organized a tour of the tribology laboratories of NRC. Thanks to Kevin Dolman of Warman Intenternational, New South Wales, Australia, who recorded this tour on his digital camera


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