Tribo-Corrosion of Marine Renewable Materials in Tidal Energy Conversion

Tribo-Corrosion Maps for TiC composite coatings

Simulation and Mapping the Bio-Tribo-Ccorrosion mechanisms in metal-on-metal hip replacement prosthesis

Wind Turbine Leading Edge Erosion

Development of Marine Rrenewable Energy Materials

Mapping of Liquid Impacts on Materials under Laboratory Simulated Wind Turbine Conditions

Micro-Abrasion-Corrosion Mapping of 316L Stainless steel in Artificial Saliva

Computer Modelling of Tribo-Corrosion in Dentistry


PredictiveMmodelling of Erosion-Corrosion of Pure Metals and Composites

A Mathematical Model of the Erosion-Corrosion of Cr and WC in Aqueous Slurries

Micro-Abrasion-Corrosion Mapping of Pure Metals in Aqueous Slurries

Mapping Micro-Abrasion Interactions in Bio-Oils

Micro-Abrasion Mapping of Steel/Polymer Couples in Aqueous Conditions.

Nanoscale Studies of Erosion-Corrosion of "Superlattice" PVD coatings

Impinging Jet Studies of the Erosion-Corrosion of MMC based Coatings



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